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this piece is about time

how we use it, waste it, sell it, beg for it, and ultimately are eaten whole by it
immersed in a rigorous process of collaborative movement and partnering creation, we will peel back who and what we are made of when facing the clock
expect combustive physical and psychological prompts
expect to enter a maelstrom of situations and feelings
expect characters to escalate into a mad wilderness of movement
expect to say good-bye
expect to bring something back to life
each of us will take one last look with the time we have left
we will make it count
we will try to make it last forever
even though we know it won't

shannon's experiences working with johannes wieland and currently with the artists of vim vigor, has influenced her approach to raw physical movement, the collaborative creative process and life. unabashedly personal, each work enters a terrain of human failure, triumph, and will.




we are interested in physical communication and find that our capacity for aliveness is heightened through interaction. for us, partnering is dialogue. it is happening to you. it is happening because of you. in this workshop we will dive into the physical implications of partnering, but also the character and world building inherent in tethering the self to everything else. solo, duet and theatrical material will be enlivened in a constellation of context, subtext, feelings, proximity, physics and timing. we will begin things each day through a combination of set material that requires adaptive and improvisational reaction. reading other people will become essential as we look for opportune moments to transfer energy, judge distances, find balance and ride trajectories through space. we will play with how we feel and what this means. we will figure out what is happening when we speak as we are moving with scripted and unscripted language. we will perform for one another in the messy wonder of workshop space where nothing is polished and spontaneity breeds surprise and delight. together we will build relationships with the personas we embody, the worlds we conjure, and the other bodies in our midst. we are in this together. 


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