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VIM VIGOR is one of USA's most exciting, highly physical dance-theater companies.

Following a successful run in Germany as both a choreographer and dancer, Shannon Gillen returned to New York City to form VIM VIGOR. Founded as a collaborative think tank, VIM is home to innovative and profoundly gifted artists from around the world, who come together to create cutting edge dance theater. Through its creations, VIM seeks to broaden the traditional dance audience with its signature combination of bombastic contemporary movement with cinematic dreamscapes.

In addition to being a platform for Shannon Gillen's collaborative works, VIM VIGOR is a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to providing a platform for contemporary dance-theater education. Through company classes, workshops and the company's immersive summer program, VIM VIGOR has reached over 1500 students this year.



VIM VIGOR is a physical dance theater company under the artistic direction of Shannon Gillen and co-choreographer Jason Cianciulli. The company is home to gifted artists hailing from around the world who work collaboratively to create original, cutting edge dance theater. VIM is also dedicated to elevating and nurturing the professional lives of young dance artists through its education platform with annual winter and summer intensives in NYC. Check out our educational offerings HERE.

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