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VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY's FOREVER premiered at Playwright Horizon's Moss Theater in downtown NYC. This work brought a found sound radio recording to life and explored the complexity and near impossibility of romantic relationships.

Photo by Arnaud Falchier

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY's SEPARATI returned to NYC with pop-up shows at the Jack Crystal Theater at NYU. Rebecca Diab had her debut in VIM VIGOR's seminal work.

Photo by Natalie Deryn Johnson

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY premiered with DanceWorks at the historic Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara before returning for a two-week run of shows at the Rose Nagelberg Theater in NYC. 

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY returned to Springboard Danse Montreal in June 2016 as a Principal Company, where we created NECIVILIZOVANY.

Shannon Gillen returned to NYFW

'Phelan started her namesake label only three seasons ago, and yet in in this short period of time she's managed to leave her stamp on New York Fashion Week with the help of friend Shannon Gillen, who choreographs a dance performance on the runway each season. For Fall 2016, the dancers performed high-energy stunts on ramps installed on stage, but for Spring 2017, the movements were easy and elegant, reinforcing how her modern, wearable knits work with every twist and turn of the body.' W MAGAZINE

VIM VIGOR DANCE COMPANY premiered SEPARATI at GK Arts with sold out performances in January 2016.



Dance Beat - Deborah Jowitt said:

'the vastly gifted Gillen...

Gillen comes up with some brilliant ideas and devises some brilliant passages.' 


'The level of risk is high, and the performers—whether dancing, speaking, lip-synching, or being pitched through the air and hammered to the ground—rise to it magnificently.' 

VIM VIGOR partnered with designer fashion label PHELAN on their New York Fashion Week show for the second show.


VOGUE said:

'Like last season, the dancers were utterly mesmerizing, this time executing a kind of balletic parkour on and around the three ramps erected onstage.'


VIM VIGOR had an incredible time debuting our latest creation with BEACH SESSIONS at Rockaway Beach.



'Shannon Gillen turns the beach into an endless stage

with her imaginative performance of the cinematic



Bedford+Bowery said:

'A quick chat with Gillen about the duet she is choreographing confirms Okshteyn’s description

of her style as “animalistic” and “very emotional

and pretty acrobatic.”'

Performance photographs courtesy of: Arnaud Falchier,

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