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Workshops and residencies can be developed for schools, colleges, venues, and community groups and are based on VIM VIGOR’s distinctive, full-bodied movement vocabulary. Led by Gillen and members of VIM VIGOR, classes draw on the VIM VIGOR's commitment to activating the whole of the performer, from the extremes of virtuosic dance to the fluid awareness of emotion and experience.


Workshops consist of a contemporary dance class designed to prepare the body for complex action and to introduce VIM's movement style followed by exploration, where participants will learn extracts from VIM VIGOR's latest research.


Workshops and residencies approach the following themes that reflect Gillen’s perspective on developing whole performers:

  • Activating Awareness 

  • Practicing Emotion + Unleashing Reaction

  • Full Throttle Movement + Floorwork

  • Reaching what we call a VIM STATE - where all is possible and interconnected



As well as repertory workshops we also offer in-depth residencies. These work with the needs of specific programs, evolving over a few days or intensively over a full week. During this time the dancers will explore VIM VIGOR's choreographic practices, develop material through creative tasks, hone acting skills and apply these skill sets to longer movement language drawn from VIM VIGOR creations. Inspired by Gillen’s methodology and approach, residencies often culminate in the creation of a short piece.


Our participation work is suitable for young dance artists and can be developed for a range of ages and experiences.


For more information on these educational offerings please contact us at:




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